Zilla, Wife Of Reggie Rockstone Disciplines Him After Spotting N^de Photos Of Ladies On His Phone (Video)

Relationships and marriages are full of surprises and hence the fact that married couples fight over a situation might not be new to some of us.

There is a saying that ladies put in their all when it comes to relationships but the slight mistake that comes out from the side of the man will surely jeopardize the who relationship.

In a new video sighted on the Instagram page of Reggie Rockstone by see him apologizing to his wife over alleged nude photos of some ladies.

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Reggie Rockstone

Spotted in the video was the two couples in their car where his wife questioned him, why he had some nude pictures of some girl on his phone, and has failed to delete them after 3 days since he got them, and watching the video Reggie found it difficult to get a legit excuse to defend himself.

In Reggie’s defense, he said some model had sent him the pictures because she wanted to be featured in a music video and it’s obvious it’s not the first time, he’s receiving such pictures.

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Reggie had cleared the chats that would have vindicated him but decided to keep the pictures, something his wife couldn’t fathom so when asked, his response was that, he was enjoying them.

Meanwhile, in the long run, Reggie accepted the fact and deleted the said nude photos from his phone.

Watch the video below…

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