Rawlings Maltreated My Dad & It’s Good He’s Dead – Ibrah One

Ghanaian young billionaire Ibrah One has boldly declared that he didn’t like for president late Jerry John Rawlings and he’s happy he’s gone.

There is an adage in Akan that if someone dies, we don’t talk ill about him or her but this young guy seems not to respect such an adage.

Taking to social media, he describes every Ghanaian praising JJ Rawlings as hypocrites.

rawlings dead body

Ibrah One said he does not like Rawlings for many reasons and even as he has been buried today, he still does not like the former Ghanaian president.

Meanwhile, former President Rawlings was buried today at the Military cemetery in Accra after four days of memorial service was organized for him.

Below is a screenshot…

Ibrah one and rawlings

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