SAD VIDEO!!! Princess Shyngle Loses Her Baby Months After Being Pregnant

Gambian but Ghana-based actress Princess Shyngle should be going through a difficult moment at this point in time.

The curvaceous actress has revealed in a new video monitored by A2zgh.com that she has lost the baby she has been carrying in her stomach for several months.

According to Princess Shyngle, she has suffered what is scientifically termed as a miscarriage.

She revealed this sad news to the world in the latest episode of her YouTube show which she calls  ‘Knowing Princess Shyngle.’

Describing what actually happened, the controversial screen goddess disclosed that she only got up from her sleep one morning and saw heavy blood on her bed.

Being caught in fear of suffering a miscarriage, she quickly rushed to a nearby private medical facility where Doctor confirmed that she has had a miscarriage.

With a face dressed in tears, Princess Shyngle described the moment as being the saddest moments of her life. 

To prove her story and to prevent people from thinking she is faking the story up for social media trends, the actress shared videos to make her point.

In the videos she shared, Princess was seen on a hospital bed undergoing examination for treatment.

In one of the scenes in the same video, she also showed her bed dressed with a white bedspread soaked with blood.

It is such a sad video to watch as she kept tearing down till the end of the about 40 minutes long video.

Watch the video of Princess Shyngle below


We all know that many will think she is doing this for hype because she has done things like these before but this time, truly, you can tell from the video that all is not well with Princess Shyngle.

Many a time, our celebrities live the opposite of real-life. They portray on social media as though all is well but deep down they may be suffering.

Such is the situation in which Princess Finds herself at this moment.

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