President Akufo Addo Should Take An Action In The Nigerian SARS Havoc.


Many Ghanaian Celebrities are insinuating that President Akuffo Addo is in the best position as the head of the ECOWAS, to help rescue innocent lives that are been lost In Nigeria.

Nana Aba Anamoah, Sandra Ankobiah, Yvone Nelson and Lydia Forrison are amongst the celebrities who are suggesting that President Akufo Addo should intervene in the violence that is taking place in Nigeria.

Lots of lives are been lost day in and day out due to the chaos in Nigeria. The Nigerian Citizens are saying they are sick and tired of the violence they have suffered from the SARS. And thereby, they will not stop protesting until there is a prosecution of those who committed crimes under SARS.

The disbandment of the SARS by the Nigerian government did not stop the protesting of the citizens. All they want is to see justice in play.

After several attempt from the government to put an end to the protest failed, they resorted to the use of violence to stop the protest. This action from the government worsened the situation even more. Properties have been destroyed and lives have been lost through this incidence.

All these influenced the suggestions made by some of the Ghanaian Celebrities that the President of Ghana should intervene in the situation.

Nana Aba Anamoa on her instagram page called for action from President Akufo Addo, especially since he is the ECOWAS Head, so as the other Celebrities.