Presidency Not For Blessed Messengers.- Amandzeba Tells Ghanaians


Ghanaian Hi-life legend, Amandzeba Nat Brew, has prompted Ghanaians to be more requesting and consider pioneers responsible instead of anticipating them that they should do the correct things in the public intrigue, reports.

Talking in a selective meeting with Hammer Nti on Kumasi-based Pure FM’s ‘HammerTime’ amusement program, the previous ‘NAKOREX’ musician suggested that, as the December surveys approach, Ghanaians ought to be sufficiently strong to tell government officials that they are not intrigued by any type of awful legislative issues yet rather that of thoughts, conveyance and skill.

He clarified that aside Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana’s first President), no Ghanaian pioneer has ever had the aggregate enthusiasm of all on a fundamental level so they (Ghanaians) should not sit reserved and anticipate that the pioneers should act directly without considering them responsible as they are not blessed messengers.

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“The main individual who had us as a top priority was Kwame Nkrumah… Look, with respect to you all, the young, you are really going to worry about the heaviest concern since you see, the individuals who built the way, the person who had us all as a primary concern was Kwame Nkrumah. If you like it, individuals will reveal to you things despite what might be expected however there’s no Angel on earth.

In the event that you need the seat of the administration to be involved by Angels, it will be unfilled in light of the fact that you and I are not Angels.”

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“You should simply allow individuals profit by the assets. You, me, everyone as a resident of this nation has a privilege so there is no motivation behind why there should not be free training, free medical clinics.

We ought to synergize our energies and expand on our qualities to request more from them. This is the main nation we have. In the event that you are in the NPP, you are not a lion or a monkey. You are my sibling.

In case I’m in the NDC, I’m not a monkey, I’m your sibling. We should synergize our energies and request of them to be responsible on the grounds that that is the main way we will all get what we need and develop as a nation.”