Police Pursuing Discovering Burglary Suspects

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Ashanti Regional Police Commander, COP Kwasi Mensah Duku, has said the provincial police have started examinations concerning the ongoing outfitted theft assaults in the locale and will before long capture the suspects.

He told the media this on Friday, October 23, 2020, in Kumasi.

COP Mensah Duku noticed that the Regional Police has enough proof against the offenders and guaranteed the overall population that it will before long make a move against them.

“We have taken an intense view about what’s going on and we’ve gone far and ideally, I accept that in the following couple of weeks in front of us, we’ll have the option to get the individuals who have been perpetrating those wrongdoings in Kumasi. We have enough proof against certain suspects yet you realize I can’t reveal their personality now, however I simply need to guarantee you that we’re extremely solid and firm on the ground, and very soon, you’ll get with us,” COP Mensah Duku expressed.

On his part, Ashanti Regional Minister Simon Osei Mensah encouraged inhabitants to practice tolerance when they volunteer data to the Police to empower them to accomplish their work.

Mr Osei Mensah stated: “They ought to get the reason for which they can do the capture and some of them can take some time, some can take weeks, some can take days, others will take months and so on So when you give the data, give them an opportunity to take a shot at it and furthermore stay silent on whatever data you’ve given out.”

He further guaranteed inhabitants of the locale of their security and wellbeing ahead, during and after the decisions.

“Everyone inside the district ought to be consoled that their wellbeing and security will be flawless previously, during and after the decisions and even up to the furthest limit of year for us to appreciate an extremely tranquil Christmas and new year”.

He further advised scoundrels against upsetting the tranquility of the area.

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“We’re sending an expression of alert likewise to each one of the individuals who don’t care for harmony dislike us to have tranquility. The manner in which the security offices have behaved forward-thinking, I’m glad for them. I’ve said a few times, I’m the most fortunate provincial pastor in the entire nation since I have skillful, proficient security staff who are consistently prepared to work and convey, and convey effectively,” he said.

The Minister and Police articulations come after a male understudy was ransacked of GH¢5,000 at Atinka Junction in Ahodwo in the Kumasi Metropolis.

The occurrence, which happened in the early evening of Wednesday, 21 October 2020, follows the theft and shooting of a Chinese man near a similar spot inside the city.

The burglars were asserted to have darted with the cash on a motorbike.

Portraying the occurrence to ClassFM’s Ashanti local journalist Elisha Adarkwah, the versatile cash merchant, whose shop the casualty had visited to execute business before the theft happened, noticed that: “Thus, we were here this evening, some time back, a person moved toward us; on account of what happened yesterday [shooting and ransacking of a Chinese man], we were unable to permit the individual to remain next to us.

“In this way, we advised the individual to go far a piece. He said he was from the bank, Fidelity bank, and that he’s coming to pull back cash, along these lines, he was with a polybag. We didn’t have the foggiest idea what was in it, along these lines, he said he was trusting that someone will send the cash so he pulls back the cash from me. Along these lines, he was there pausing, there was a motorbike rider that passed by him and went to turn round and took the cash and left. As per the person, the person said GH¢5,000.”

The furnished burglars were supposed to be in green pants like armed force tones, and were situated on a motorbike that traveled toward Kaase street.

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The inhabitants of the zone have communicated frustration with the police concerning the security circumstance in the zone, particularly after Tuesday’s occurrence including the Chinese man.

“We’re baffled with the police. After the occurrence, they were here, they just surged here and we were begging them to either send a watch group or mount a police checkpoint. Yet, all they said was that they can’t come and mount a checkpoint as a result of us. We were exceptionally disillusioned.”

The Adiebeba police order has initiated examinations concerning the issue.

The occurrence including the Chinese man occurred at Ahodwo in the Kumasi Metropolis as the casualty went to buy energize card from a merchant.

The four exposed aggressors rode on two motorbikes to carry out the wrongdoing.

Portraying the occurrence to Elisha Adarkwah, the card merchant clarified that he just understood the men were four and on two separate motorbikes after they shot the Chinese man and hurried off.

He stated: “I came early today and opened my shop.

“I saw Chinese men, they stopped at the opposite side, thus, they went across the street to come and purchase Vodafone credit from me.

“Along these lines, when they came, he disclosed to me that he’s purchasing GHS100, thus, I assumed the praise and I was going to offer it to him and he had this little pack under his armpit.

“I saw a specific man at the back, he took the pack from the Chinese man’s armpit, when the Chinese went to take a gander at the individual who did that, the man shot him.”

A nephew of the person in question, notwithstanding, showed that the pack, which the burglars carried off, didn’t contain any cash aside from records.

The casualty has since been taken to the emergency clinic however is supposed to be in basic condition.