VIDEO: Police Officer Screams For His Life After Driver Whose Car He Forcibly Entered Drove ‘Fast And Furious’

A video going viral on the internet sees a police officer screaming for his life after he forcibly entered into a man’s car to apprehend him, although he has committed no offense. 

The driver could be heard saying in the video that he did nothing wrong but since the police officer insisted on making his life miserable, he also decided to teach him a bitter lesson.

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He inevitably started driving the car at a top speed and drifting it expertly, which sent cold shivers down the spine of the officer. The policeman desperately called on the name of “JESUS” after he saw his life flashed before his eyes and he got scared.

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The driver finally stopped after some seconds of drifting and told him to get down from the car immediately before he ‘drifts his life away.’

Watch the video below;

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