Patapaa Gets Angry And Hangs Up Phone Call On Live TV Show (Video)

Ghanaian musician,Patapaa, was called on a live TV talk show to talk about how he felt when  Shatta Wale involved him in his responds to Yaa Pono.

Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, and singer Yaa Pono made headlines recently which had Patapaa’s name being dragged in the mud by the dancehall artist.

In a recent live TV talk show, Patapaa was called on phone to share how he felt about the issue. He asserted that many young musicians do not respect their elder colleagues and he used Kuami Eugene and Guru’s beef as an example, in which he even made a diss song for the Lynx signee.

Patapaa insisted that Shatta wasn’t tagging him as the underground but rather he was the hero whom Yaa Pono was to look up to for a hit song, the host used the word “Wo” which made him feel disrespected and made him to hang up the call.

Well, it seems the “wo” that the host used sounded different to him.

Watch the video below;

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