Pastors Who Preach At Dawn Are Noisemakers And Stupid – Sister Derby

Deborah Owusu-Bonsu better referred to in the music scene as Sister Derby has in an answer to a tweet ripped into Pastors who convey bull horns at first light to lecture the word of God.

Sister Derby, irate in her tweet portrayed these righteous men who get up as ahead of schedule as 4 am to lecture as noisemakers and inept.

She offered these remarks in an answer to a Tweet by a writer who additionally was lost in his musings addressing why a few ministers as right on time as 4 am while others are sleeping go out and lecture the expression of God.

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The writer recognized as Mutombo Da Poet as indicated by him can’t grasp why these ministers to go out creation commotion under the shade of lecturing God’s statement.

In Mutombo Da Poet’s tweet, he wrote; “I don’t know why someone will carry a megaphone at 4 am, put it on blast and say they are sharing the word of god when people are sleeping. It really does NOT make sense to me. At all!”

Sister Derby replied; “How can one be preaching ‘good’ while doing bad; disturbing people’s peace. They are stupid.”

Below is a screenshot…


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