Pastor Sends Strong Warning To His Church Members, Watch Why (Video)

A pastor who is tired of purchasing new items when there are breakages in the church has sent serious warning to his church followers.

In a trending video sighted on social media, the priesthood could be heard fuming that if any church member fall under the anointing and break anything, he or she will pay for the damage.

“Those of you that love to fall under anointing and break things, if you fall under anointing and break anything, you’ll pay. From today, it is break and pay. Any spirit that breaks anything in this church again will pay. That mad demon. This camera is 1 Million oo. If you’re falling under that anointing don’t go there o. Tell the demon inside you not to go to this camera ooo.”

He added “You want to fall under power, you fall and camera stand, you fall break television. Don’t go near that computer system o. If you touch anything there, 500,000 Naira”

Watch the video below:

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