Pastor Says We Shouldn’t Judge Prophet Sylvester Ofori For Killing His Wife Because May Be The Woman Did Something Worse

pastor ray michael 1920x1024 1Ghanaian clergyman, Apostle General Ray Michael has come out to say that he doesn’t support Pastor Sylvester Ofori’s actions of killing his wife Barbara Tommey after years of abusing her in their marriage.

But he’ll also love to say we shouldn’t be quick to judge his actions because the woman might have done something worse. And that if we were in the shoes of the man, we would have done something much more heinous.

Ray Michael was quick to delete his lengthy post after he got bashed by Facebook users.

Below were his words:


I have read many stories about the incident… Lots of people pointing hands at the man. Some calling him Abusive other calling him a murderer. I have read from the walls of many friends.. And all I do is to be quite.

DID YOU NOTICE THAT THE MAN THE WOMAN OUTSIDE ON THE STREETS? He knew the law… He knew he could be jailed for life… He knew he could lose his ministry which he has fought for many years. So whatever it is, something must have pushed this man to do what he did.

OK I AM NOT JUSTIFYING HIS ACTION… no way! But let’s also look at it from the other way round.. The woman is always posing for nice pictures.. She is always seen as being supportive of the man’s ministry… DON’T YOU THINK THIS IS WHY THE MAN MARRIED HER and later had his regrets?

Lots of Pastors are in marriages like this… I tell you what some Pastors go through in marriage… ONLY GOD KNOWS. WE swallow a lot of things even in relationships.

Something must have pushed this man to go this extreme of shooting his own wedded wife OUTSIDE ON THE STREETS BEFORE EVERYONE.. I know a pastor friend who’s wife is sleeping with everyone she meets and this Astor can’t talk. He sometimes comes to me and cry all night and goes home.

I know a pastor friend who can’t stay in his marital home because his wife is showing Site real hell. But trust me if he doesn’t tell you and show you proof you won’t believe it… Cos the woman seems very supportive on the outside.

I PERSONALLY LOST INTEREST IN MARRIAGE because of the rate of falsehood in marriage… (I’m not saying marriage is a bad thing) just that most of the poeppe who married wished they didn’t especially Pastors.

Trust me… The pressure on me to marry is more than Volcano. From parent to siblings to, spiritual fathers to church members to church leaders… Everyone is asking me to marry. AND THE REASON THEY SAY IS… “AS A PASTOR ITS NOT GOOD TO BE SINGLE.. YOU NEED A WOMAN TO HELP YOU

Brothers and sister… This is how some Pastors died at a very young age. Take a look around… Pick 10 married couples you know in this generation. And ask yourself how many of them are sharing good testimonies.

Hey… Don’t be quick to judge this man.. Maybe if you were in his shoes after shooting her you would sit in the car and ride over her. JUST PRAY THAT YOU NEVER FIND YOURSELF IN THAT SAME SPOT WHERE HE HAD TO MAKE THIS BAD CHOICE.

SHALOM.” rayray1ray2