Pastor Reveals Damning Secret On Why Most Ghanaian Single Ladies Are Not Married

The Founder and Leader of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Pastor Lawrence Tetteh has at last clarified the explanation most women in Ghana are single.

Speaking New Day on TV3 in a recent interview, Lawrence Tetteh credited the singleness of most women to profound explanation.

As per him, there are a few women who are profoundly hitched to gods including waterways, creatures, and trees, and these elements keep such women from getting hitched.

Lawrence Tetteh stated that the soul domain is something individuals ought not to disregard particularly Christians.

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“When you sleep you don’t know where you are going and as a matter of fact the things that happen in our dreams in most cases manifest in the physical,” he said.

“I know ladies who by the orgasm and the sensational (feeling) and the affection they have in their dreams through sex, (they) don’t even have in normal sex with human beings. It means spiritually you are connected.

“As a matter of fact, anything that happens physically has already happened spiritually,” he added.

Furtherly, he exhorted women to avoid early sex and stay pious. He clarified that it was the main way such assaults would be forestalled.

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