Pappy Kojo Begs Keche Andrew To Give Him His Share Of The $700 million

Pappy Kojo after realizing Keche Andrew’s wife, Joana Gyan annually earns $700 million dollars has asked Keche Andrews to smoke the peace pipe.

This comes as a shock to many who think Pappy Kojo is being sarcastic because he has, on a countless basis, trolled the Aluguntugui musicians due to the friction that ensued between them.

Pappy Kojo

In a latest tweet, Pappy Kojo says the beef is over after the Chief Executive Officer of Golden Empire Legacy Limited told Delay her net worth stands at $700,000,000 in an interview.

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He simply tweeted: Hey @kecheglobal the beef is over, the 700 million wossop?

Well, many netizens since she unveiled this huge secrete have been talking about it as many do not believe as others think the other wise.


Notably is a journalist and communication practitioner, Kwame Gyan formerly of E.TV Ghana.

According to Kwame Gyan, Joana Gyan doesn’t know how to calculate the American dollar and she was just naming any amount she feels like attaining in the near future.

Taking to her Facebook page, he wrote;

“Villager. Do you know what $700M is? In fact, do you know what $70K mpo is? Siasem”.

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