Oseikrom Sikanii Exposed For Being A Scammer

Budding rapper Oseikrom Sikanii is considered a ‘big boy’ in Kumasi because of how he carries himself as a rich young man.

His bold statements on wealth and how he flaunts wades of cash and luxury on his page have convinced many that indeed he is rich, but as it stands no one knows the source of the money he shows off on social media.

There are speculations that young boys who are dumb enough to flaunt luxury cars and bundles of cash online do not make their monies through legit means, but no one has been able to prove that rumor.

The fact that a young man has made it big does not mean the person is a fraud, but there is a high probability that the person is a fraudster, especially in West Africa.

An innocent fan of Oseikrom Sikanii has fallen into the trap of a fraudster alleged to be a musician and has lost her money.

The female fan took to social media to accuse Oseikrom Sikani of duping her after she had interacted with him on Facebook and sent him money.

She alleged, with screenshots, that she made contact with Oseikrom Sikani on social media where she was told to send GH¢100 in return for GH¢1,500 within minutes.

The lady added that nothing showed that the person she was interacting with was not the musician, and she thought he was doing a giveaway for his fans thus she needed to send him that money if she wanted to be part.

After sending him the 100gh, nothing was heard from him again, all contacts were blocked by the musician, and she did not receive the 1500gh promised, the lady alleged.

She has therefore shared screenshots of their alleged chats and also provided receipts of the number she sent her money to on social media and asked netizens to help her.

People like Oseikrom Sikani, as already said, have a bad reputation for their name because of their undisclosed source of wealth.

But that said, there are fraudsters on the internet who create fake pages and accounts of celebrities to dupe unsuspecting people like the lady in this story.

Be careful when dealing with such accounts. Check out the screenshots below.

oseikrom screenshot

Oseikrom screen2

Oseikrom screen 3