“Okese 1, As A Brother I Feel You Should Have Apologized To Andy Dosty” – Flyboy Geesus

Ghanaian musician, Flyboy Geesus, has giving out his thought on the issue of musician Okese 1 and radio presenter Andy Dosty.

In a video trending on social media, musician Flyboy Geesus was spotted sharing his thought on the incident between Okese 1 and Andy Dosty.

He remarked in the video that Okese 1 should’ve apologized to the radio presenter. He then suggested that the rapper should know that he is young and Andy is linked to many presenters.

Furthermore, he stated that even if the presenter offended him, he should have just keep quiet and apologize.

In his own word, he said; “Okese 1, as a brother I feel you should have apologized because Andy Dosty knows a lot of people in the industry. So when you disrespect him, other presenters could black list you. So you should have just apologized.”

Watch the video below;

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