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2 Beautiful Nurses Fight And Dirty Themselves Over Food In Hospital – Video

A video of 2 beautiful nurses fighting over food in a hospital canteen has hit social media.

If you will be on social media then be ready to welcome new mind blowing stuff everyday.

Every passing day, there is something new, a drama caused by our slay queens and other people.

Today, what has hit us on the internet is a that of 2 beautiful nurses fighting over food in a hospital.

We are not so sure where this happened but listening to their accent, one is likely to conclude that they are from the Caribbean.

It all started with the health workers exchanging aggressive words, tempers went high and it resulted in a fight.

They were seen with their face masks lowered so they can express themselves.

It is surprising how such grown ups fought and actually got on the floor to dirty themselves.

Their fight continued until they face masks got off and they scattered everything.

Watch video of beautiful nurses fight over food in hospital Canteen


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