Nayas Reportedly Sacked From Her Marital Home

Nayas, a Kumawood Actress known by the name,  Gladys Boaku’s, wedding photos, are trending on various social media blogs.

Apparently, Nayas’ marriage with her German ‘borga’ has hit the rocks after 2 years.

A report circulating on social media indicates that Nayas has been sacked from her husband’s house after several confrontations with him.

According to the report, Nayas joined her husband in Germany just 3 months ago, but she virtually set her husband’s house on fire after she stepped foot in the house.

Nayas is said to have constantly harassed her husband and even sacked a co-tenant who was helping him to take care of his rent.

It has been alleged that Nayas was frustrating her husband and disrespecting him because she expected to find him very rich in Germany, but she rather met him as a hustler.

After putting him through hell and using the police to chase him up and down, according to reports, Nayas has been sacked from the house, and she’s currently stranded in Germany.

Nayas married in September 2019 in a glamorous traditional wedding. Her husband flew from Germany to come and marry her.

Before Nayas tied the knot, she faked being in a relationship and marrying veteran Kumawood actor, Apostle John Prah, but he came out to rubbish the claims.

Nayas is allegedly in trouble again. Check out the post below;