My Style Of Parody Is To Copy My Mentor, Late Bishop Bob Okala – Ajeezay


‘Jerusalem Soup’ hitmaker, Ajeezay conceived Nathaniel Mensah has repeated that his style of satire depends on doing cover renditions of tunes simply like the late joke artist, Bishop Bob Okala.

“I have consistently said that I need to give recognition to my coach the late Bishop Bob Okala. I would state that my kind of parody is much the same as him. You recollect how he used to do cover variants of pretty much every hit tune during the times of Key Soap show party.”

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Ajeezay who promotes himself as the ‘Nonfa King’ was asked by Amansan Krakye in a select meeting on Kastle FM in Cape Coast checked by in the event that he should now be viewed as a performer since he covers adaptations of tunes.

He addressed “I never believed myself to be a performer since I do cover variants of individuals’ tunes. What I do is simply to engage individuals in a comic manner so never will I stand anyplace and state that I’m a performer.”

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The late Bishop Bob Okala was a Ghanaian joke artist and entertainer mainstream for the comic jobs he played on GTV program Key Soap Concert Party. He kicked the bucket in 2016 while performing at a function.