My Hi-Life Songs Were “Tonga” Motivated And Nothing Else – Papa Shee

Former Ghanaian Highlife artist Nana Yaw Akosah, widely known as Papa Shee, has stated that his songs in those days were influenced by lust and nothing else.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Cape Coast-based Kastle FM and monitored by, he said;

“Those songs I made in the past were secular, motivated by worldly excitement and pleasure. But today I have found a new way because God has saved me by forgiving me all my iniquities”.

“Whoever made the songs has even repented and you’re putting it on the radio for the masses. It is better for those who play my profane songs to repent too, ”he added.

Evangelist Papa Shee also recognized that “once you become a born-again Christian, there is no need to encourage the performance of secular music as no one can serve two masters.

“Once you become a Christian, you don’t need to promote secular music,” he concluded.

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