Mother Of 5 Year Old Girl! Whose Photos Went Viral On Social Media Wearing Bikini And Make-Up Reacts

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Mrs. Adewale, the proud mother of the 5-year-old girl whose photos went viral after she wore a bikini and make-up has slammed Nigerians saying they are frustrated hypocrites.

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The little girl’s photos sparked a huge debate online as most netizens found it inappropriate for a child to be rushed into adulthood. Others spoke for the motion that is normal and is wrong with that, depending on the kind of parent and the training of the child.

Well, the mother, Mrs. Adewale in a video has rained brimstone and fire on Nigerians for criticizing her and the daughter. According to Mrs. Adewale, Nigerians are nothing but frustrated hypocrites who talk nonsense about anything.

She said that through the photos she shared, the 5-year-old girl has bagged endorsement deals

Watch the video below:

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