More Jobs For Ghanaian Youth In 2021 – Tom Asiseh Promises

Dr. Tom Asiseh, an independent presidential candidate and leader of the” Independent Presidential Movement” (IPM ) and Ghanaians Diaspora Movement(GDM) has said that their government will create immediate term jobs through government merchandised farmlands all over the country with factories and housing units alongside.

dr. tom-asiseh

According to the independent presidential candidate who believes that the youth is the human resource and that no nation can develop or progress without the youth hence a country can only develop when its human resource is in a better position having the skills and the capabilities to create and establish businesses in the country.

However, he also revealed that the youth is the hope of every nation so we must focus and consider them in decision making in governance.

Dr. Tom Asiseh

“The sufferings and pains of the ordinary Ghanaians where many go to bed even without food and unemployed graduates are suffering and yet still depending on their parents who have struggled enough to give them better education for survival hence politicians tend to use them for their selfish means using them for violence and perpetrating crimes against innocent Ghanaians through vigilante and military group enough is enough,” he said.

Meanwhile, he urged the youth to join him to stand and fight for Ghana to become one of the developed African countries in the world.

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