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Monkey Delivered Of A Baby Through C-S At Kumasi Zoo [Photos]


A mona monkey at the Kumasi Zoological Gardens has given birth to a baby male primate through a C-section, adomonline.com reports.

The surgery was conducted by Dr. Meyir Y. Ziekah, a veterinary doctor and manager of the Kumasi Zoo.

This was after the monkey had difficulty with natural delivery due to a very narrow birth canal.

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According to Dr Ziekah, the one hour and 20 minutes surgery was “complex,” due to the lack of the necessary equipment and tools.

Monkey cs kumasi zoo 1

“She has been in labor for three days and we have been monitoring it. On the first day, we realized that the birth canal was quite small and the infant had a big head that couldn’t pass through the birth canal and the animal was getting weak so we took the decision,” Dr. Ziekah narrated.

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Monkey cs Kumasi zoo 2

Though the first-time mother and baby monkey were reported to be doing well at the Kumasi Zoo nursery, he said things took a different turn.

Monkey cs kumasi zoo 3

“When she recovered from the anesthesia, she was a bit aggressive towards the infant and separated from her. Later on, she accepted the infant but in the night she became aggressive again and later rejected her completely and unfortunately, we lost her,” he said.

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