Mitchy Teases Shatta Wale With An Enviable View Of Her Newly Acquire Backside

Shatta Wale and ex, Mitchy used to be one of the most loved big name couples in the nation as they showed their adoration wherever even in front of an audience.

Tragically things went south and the relationship needed to reach a conclusion, unfortunately.

The separation was certifiably not a smooth one as things got warmed up between the two preceding everything at long last settled down for the separation to occur.

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After their separation, the two have given some consideration and fondness openly to one another on more than one occasion, particularly on Mitchy’s birthday and on Father’s Day scarcely any months weeks prior.

Mitchy in another video can cause Shatta Wale to ask for a straight comeback as she shows off her uplifted backside with smiles.

Watch the video below…


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