Meet Keche Andrews Wife Joana Gyan Biography, Businesses, Net Worth

Who is Joana Gyan? What is the Net Worth of Joana Gyan?, What are the Businesses of Joana Gyan?, Who is the husband of Joana?, How old is she?

These have been the questions many are asking after an interview of her hit the Internet.

What sparked the whole search for information is the fact that the wife of the one half of the Ghanaian musical group, Keche, known as Keche Andrew revealed that she’s worth over $700M.

Interesting right? so went deeper and gathered some relevant information you probably did not know about Miss Joana.

CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Limited, Joana Gyan Biography, Businesses, Net Worth
CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Limited, Joana Gyan Biography, Businesses, Net Worth

Joana Gyan Biography

Miss Joana Gyan was born on 7th May 1985 in Dunkwa-Offin in the Central Region of Ghana at the at Dunkwa Community hospital to Miss Agnes Nyarko, a trader and Mr. Ambrose Kojo Gyan who worked as a contractor for COCOBOD, a teacher and a farmer.

Joana was known in her home town and among her family and peers as Nana Awoo, a name given to her after a prominent philanthropist in her home town. She is the 19th child of her father.

Joana grew up like any other village child and had to go through all the hard times in life as a village child in Ghana after her father lost all he had to military victimization.

Joana at her village, Dunkwan Offin

Full name, Joana Maa-Adjoa Nana Awoo Gyan, could only battle life challenges and walk through the difficulties due to the selfless and hardworking personality trait she picked up even in her childhood.

Young Joana Awo Gyan started her basic school at the age of 3 in Wassa Agona Amenfi where her family had moved from Dunkwa to settle.

She continued her to the Junior High school level at Denkyira Asikuma catholic school (junior secondary) where she had her BECE examination.

She later enrolled at the Dunkwa Technical Secondary School but unfortunately had to abandon school because of financial constraints her inability to combine studies with menial jobs.

Joana Gyan Businesses

From what we have gathered, it is not shocking that Miss Joana is now a very successful business person and probably if not the richest woman in Ghana, one of the richest women in Ghana.

At age 5 years, Joana started her first business as a farmer under the guidance of her mother while in primary school.

At age 8, Joana started illegal mining popularly called “Galamsey” regardless of the health complications it possed.

Currently, Miss Joana Maame Awo works as an artisanal miner, she is a licensed gold miner, a licensed gold salesman.

How Old Is Joana Gyan?
Joana at a Galamsey site with her late white husband

She has also obtained a gold buyer’s license, a license to export gold to other countries, she is an investor in other business, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a business executive.

Joana Gyan is the CEO and founder of Golden Empire Legacy Limited, a legally licensed gold dealership in Ghana.

Below Are The List Of 15 Businesses/Companies Joana Gyan Owns
  1.  Golden Empire Legacy Ltd
  2.  GEM multimedia Ghana ltd
  3.  Colossus Minerals Ltd
  4. Joana TV Ltd
  5.  GEM Rhythms Ltd
  6. The GEM Ltd pub
  7. KESSE music Ltd
  8. GELL Golden page Ltd
  9. GELL Farms Ltd
  10. GELL Petroleum Ltd
  11. GELL Real Estate Ltd
  12. KBA Mining Ltd
  13. Joana Gyan Foundation
  14. GELL Timber Ltd
  15. ZEMA Ghana Jewelry and Fashion School, Ltd
  16. Royalsekt Ghana Limited

Joana Gyan Net Worth

According to Joana Gyan, she has a net worth of over $700M. She revealed this in an interview with Delay on her popular Delay Show. You can watch it here.

Who Is Joana Gyan’s Husband?

Keche Andrew is the husband of Joana Gyan. They got married in a beautiful traditional marriage ceremony in Accra in 2019.

They have no child as it stands.

Joana Gyan and husband Keche Andrew

How Old Is Joana Gyan?

Joana Gyan is believed to be 35 years old. She was born in mid-1985.

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