HOT AUDIO: Don’t Ask Foolish Questions – Maurice Ampaw Angrily Tells Mzgee On Live Radio, Hints Of Taken Her On

Legal advisor Maurice Ampaw has caused one more mix on social media following a live interview with Mzgee on 3fm over remarks he made which recommended that Castro’s mom was blue and now poor.

While talking in a telephone discussion with Mzgee, Maurice Ampaw was approached to respond to remarks made by Castro’s mum where she invalidated cases that she was poor as now poor and sad.

Mzgee played a sound of Castro’s mom in which she affirmed that she was not poor as she had relatives who bolstered her once some time.

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She likewise asserted that she didn’t know Maurice Ampaw and had not gotten anything from him or anybody she didn’t have a clue.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who was angry from the beginning of the interview proved to the journalist that he knows the woman hence she, (Mzgee) is asking him stupid questions.

Classifying the journalist as stupid and irresponsible, he also hinted at taking her on.

Listen to the interview below…

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