Many Lives Are Been Lost Due To Strike Actions From Nurses.

NURSES health workers (nursing assistant)

The Ghana Nurses and Midwives play a vital role in caring for the sick people in this country. They sometimes support medical doctors in performing medical functions at our health centers.

Nurses are very much needed in the country to run our hospitals and help improve on health of patients.

The Midwives are very much essential when it comes to issues related to pregnancy and labor. The rate of maternal and neonatal death has reduced drastically over the period due to intervention from the Midwives.

They provide both antenatal and postnatal care to women before and after pregnancy respectively. They make deliveries and care for the newly born babies. Indeed the Midwives have played their rule in achieving much in our health sectors.

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The General Nurses also undertake activities like giving injections, dressing wounds, filling folders, and assisting medical doctors at health centers.

The Psychiatric nurses also help in caring for the health of the depressed and mentally unstable patients.

However, these health workers are not provided with work incentives to motivate their work. They are not given better working services. This has led to a quite number of strike actions from these Nurses.

The government’s inability to provide the allowances and salaries of these nurses is what results in a strike action from them.

“We will stay home and stop working until the government is able to meet our needs”, accounted the nurses.

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A recent strike action from the nurses resulted in loss of many lives. Since there were no nurses in our health centers to care for the sick patients, some had to return back home while others died in the process.

The National Labour Commission secured a court order to enforce injunctions meant to end the strike.

The government has promised to conclude negotiations with the nurses within a month. This has led to a call off of the strike action. Nurses are to resume work on Thursday.

It is high time the government starts giving the nurses a better term of service. With their allowances and salaries included.