Man Of God Finds Castro— Details When He Would Return

A man claiming to have been called by God, Prophet Abandenden, has revealed that Castro the Underfire is not dead, and he has found exactly where he is.

According to him, he would return next year, 2021.

According to him, God revealed to him in the realms and took him exactly where Castro is, which is under the sea.

He claims it is a family member who did that to the musician who has been missing for the past six years.

“Castro is not dead but alive in the marine Kingdom, and he requested all Ghanaians to pray and wait for the prophecy to be fulfilled, and nothing can stop Castro from returning in 2021.”

He asked Ghanaians to pray for his return because he is fighting in the marine world to come out.

We are all too familiar with Castro’s disappearance, which happened on 6 July 2014 at Ada when he never returned to land after cruising on a jet ski.

Next year would be seven years after his disappearance, and he would be declared dead per Ghana law.

Check out some reactions from fans after the pastor’s revelation;

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