Man Divorce His Wife After His Mother-in-law Denied Him Access To Their Children (video)

A video posted on the web sees a Nigerian man and his wife arguing after the mother of his wife denied him admittance to their children since she said he didn’t come into her home to welcome her.

His significant other attempted to quiet him down however he cannot. He asked his better half how frequently she has considered his own mom that hers ought to punish him for not welcome her.

His wife disclosed to him they could settle it as companions yet he won’t.

He added that he’s finished with the marriage regardless. He further educated the spouse that she has called the cops on him previously and indicted him and he inquired as to whether companions do that to one another.

The man proceeded to tell his better half that they can in any case be in one another’s lives since they have 3 children together yet they don’t really need to live respectively.

He at that point referenced to her that he intends to do a DNA test on one of their children since he reviews her confronting a medical caretaker directly that the kid isn’t his.


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