Man Caught Sleeping With A Distraught Woman In A Classroom

A moderately aged man has been caught at Abuakwa, a suburb of the Ashanti Regional Capital, Kumasi laying down with a madwoman in a classroom.

As per an onlooker, the man whose name is given as Abubakar passed by the school where they were working toward the evening to hand over food to the intellectually unhinged lady who has utilized the school as a home.

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At the point when gotten some information about his relationship with the lady, Abubakar said the lady had before whined of yearning so he passed by to give her food.

Be that as it may, when they left the school to take care of their squeezing need, Abubakar returned there and was having a few episodes of sex with the intellectually sick lady.

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The observer said upon them to the school, they met Abubakar laying down with the distraught lady with various styles and abdomen moves.

Watch the video below…

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