Man Arrested After Bathing 23-year-old With Hot Water Over 15-year-old Girlfriend (Photos)

Reports reaching’s desk indicates that a man with the only name given as Paul has poured hot water on a 23-year-old boy over an alleged misunderstanding that ensues between them over a girlfriend at Tutuka a suburb in the Obuasi East District Assembly.

Our investigations have it that the 23-year-old Daniel who is currently under medical treatment after severe skin burns is alleged to be the boyfriend of Tina.

After several stays by the boyfriend of Tina at Aketeyieso a suburb in the Obuasi Municipality, he returned and had his girlfriend pregnant for 5 months without his consent.

Tina, who is the girlfriend of Daniel narrating the ordeal revealed that Paul after many days of pestering her with sexual intercourse took her to a hotel after her boyfriend left her for work at aketekyieso.

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“Paul took me to a hotel at ‘nanaponko’, so after reaching the place I went out, right after my come back, he gave me an already opened malt which I suggest he poured in something that I don’t know, so I fell deeply asleep, right after there, I became pregnant,” she narrated.

Mother of the 15-year-old girl named, Tawiah, revealed that Paul has been taken her child to hotels that she isn’t in the known of after the boyfriend of her child (Daniel) left Obuasi for work.

An eyewitness who narrated the incident to posited that paul connived with his other friend and attacked Daniel who wasn’t unwell many days after staying in the house with well-boiled hot water.

She also revealed that the 38-year-old man targeted the victim’s eye of which his eyes were saved by a cap that he was wearing.

“Only hot water cannot burn the body like this, I must say that the man diluted the hot water with acid and tried burning his face with the hot water,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Tina the 15-year-old girl is currently pregnant for 5 months with another 8-months old child.

38-year-old Paul is currently in the custody of the police pending further investigations.

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