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LYRICS: Moozlie – Boom Bap


I-I’m the kinda of sip that needs a plumber
Impompi yami drip like no other
Mzansi Rap game godmother
The name is Blanco, bitch you run for cov
I’m a monster
Straight outta Ben City, if you didn’t know
So sweet on the mic I eat the beat like an Oreo
Anytime my finger on the trigger then it’s audios and anyone who think they touching me ain’t even coming close
Yeah you got the bars but are you a star?
You got that little gas will it get you far?
You buzzing on the twitter streets what it really mean?
Man your story sounded shakey at the Gillan time
I see you playing dress up like it’s Halloween
Securing bags while you niggas playing trick or treat
I’m a Queen that they need, you should kiss my feet and check the resume
Don’t you ever try disrespecting me
Faked a crash niggas thought I wouldn’t last and I would do that shit again if I had a chance
Cause you don’t know how much they love you till they think you gone and who was never down with you the way that you thought
Career suicide but I’m still flying high
Still getting dough
Still killing shows
Still getting love in every city I go
Still dripping harder that anybody I know
I’m still on top of the game, still dropping flames
Still cock in names
Still riding with Sbu da rock out the fame and the setbacks
It’s been a lot since we came
And when we gone things will never be the same
Never dropped a bar but he influencial in the game
Independent like ROC
Power couple, like we J&B
It’s plain to see we the ones you wanna be
The ones to beat
The ones who got the recipe
The ones go together, summa like that R&B
The ones that gonna make sure they always on their feet

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