List Of Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Dated Rich Men

Troublesome Ghanaian television personality Adu Safowaa has once again opened a can of worms by talking about her fellow celebrities.

Adu Safowaa is always creating controversy, even though most times she cannot stand the consequences of her actions.

The latest table she’s shaking is revealing how female celebrities are misused by rich men in Ghana.

According to Adu Safowaa, the reason we always hear that a certain rich man has slept with a certain celebrity is that it’s true.

According to her, the rich men in Ghana often sit down and plot which celebrities they plan to sleep with within any given year.

For instance, a man and his friends would sit down and list the celebs he wants that year and do anything to bed each one on the list.

According to Adu Safowaa, it is also easy for these rich men to grab celebrities because they are already looking for a rich man to finance their expensive lifestyles.

Safowaa mentioned no names, but you don’t have to think far to think of those she’s accusing – she’s had many social media battles with them!

Safowaa also claimed these rich men call their friends when they’re with the celebrities to brag, letting their friends know they are with this particular celebrity at this particular time.

We’ve heard all these many times, but woe unto you if you accuse any celeb of living this lifestyle – they will swear to heaven and hell they are not!

Meanwhile, those in the industry with them keep exposing them!

They should keep living whatever life they want.

Listen to Safowaa expose her colleagues below;