#LekkiMasscre: ICC React As Nigerian Youth Drag Buhari To International Court


The International Criminal Court, ICC, Chief Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda on Thursday said the court has gotten reports of wrongdoings during the #EndSARS fights in Nigeria.
Bensouda said this in an announcement posted on the association’s checked Twitter account. She noticed that the court is paying a nearby eye on improvements in Nigeria.

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Bensouda stated, “My office has been intently pursuing the functions around the current fights in Nigeria and the response of Nigeria’s law authorization and security organizations,” she said.

“Any death toll and injury is unsettling. We have gotten data charging violations and are watching out for improvements, in the event that savagery raises and any signs emerge that Rome Statute wrongdoings may have been submitted.

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“I call for quiet and Restraint.”