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Just In: #EndSARS: Buhari To Finally Address Nigerians At 7pm


At long last President Muhammadu Buhari is set to address the nation on Thursday, at 7 pm.

This was made known via a tweet by Buhari’s Special Assistant on New Media on Thursday

He said, “Following detailed briefing by security chiefs on the current situation in the country, President @MBuhari will make a national broadcast, today, October 22, 2020, at 7 pm.”

“Television, radio and other electronic media outlets are enjoined to hook up to the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and Radio Nigeria respectively as President @MBuhari addresses the Nation later this evening, at 7pm.”

Earlier , Buhari had ordered the security agency to ensure law and order in the country


Who Is Next To Die On Our Bad Roads From Road Accident


Incidence of road accident is on an increase in Ghana. Several lives and properties have been lost through road accident.

The government of Ghana has lost much funds accruing to problems of road accidents. It is now no news in Ghana to hear that individuals have lost their lives in a road accident.

Over speeding, overtaking, reckless driving, ignorance on the part of some drivers in obeying road signs all account to the increased cases of road accident in Ghana.

Road accidents cannot be talked of in Ghana without mentioning bad roads as been a principal cause. There are lots of port holes on majority of our roads. Road Constructors fail to use authentic material in constructing a long lasting road. All these contribute to the increased rate of road accidents in the country.

Kwame Idan, Adom live worship presenter made a report on a road accident that happened early in the morning today. The accident occurred at the Ayaa Market in Accra. Vehicles involved include; a Pickup, V8, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai and a taxi. A motor rider who was involved in the accident lost his life shortly after been rescued.

Effective action must be taken by the government and the Ministry for road and transport to put an end to all these problems of road accidents.

Is Ghana Safe? – Mr. Albert Yelyang


Mr. Albert Yelyang, the National Coordinator for the West Africa Network for Peace building, said on an interview with Akoma FM’s Aduanaba Kofi Asante that, security must be tightened in Ghana, looking at the phase of how things are going in Nigeria.

Ghana’s security agencies must sit up and strengthen our borders to ensure peace and safe living in the country, especially while we are approaching our elections. Mr. Albert explained.

There will be a great havoc in the country should in case some of the SARS protestors from Nigeria find their way into the country. At this period our borders need to be closed, and no foreigner should be allowed into the country.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad commonly called “SARS”, have been accused of all forms of brutality. They are known to be engaged in all forms of killing and abusing of the innocent in Nigeria. The Nigerian Citizens are now on the streets protesting against activities of the SARS. They are fighting for the termination of the SARS unit, since they have suffered all kinds of injustice from them for a long time.
Images of violence, murderer and abuse that is taking place in Nigeria is all over the place. All these accounted to the reason why Mr. Albert wants security to be tightened in Ghana. Ghanaian should keep their calm as we approach the elections. Security agencies should also be on alert, in case something should happen.

After 11years In Jail Mohammed gains Justice


Abdallah Mohammed completed Junior High school at a younger age of 15. Preparations were ongoing for him to enter into Senior High School when unfortunately he got arrested.

He was wrongly accused of stealing Ghc 10.00, and that led to his arrest. Mohammed was handed a 25-year jail term for stealing Ghc 10.00. Since he had no one in sight for support except his father, Nurudeen Mohammed, justice was not granted him.

Mohammed served in jail at the Kumasi Central Prison for eleven years, before he was released. The young man, now 27years told his heartbreaking story on an exclusive interview with Adom Fm.

The story of the young man attracted sympathizers from all parts of the country. He received great support from some of the Ghanaian Citizens.

A contribution of Ghc2000.00 was given to him to manage his living. In addition to that, he received a one bedroom apartment, as well as a barbering shop to work at as a professional barber.

Mr. Nurudeen, Mohammed’s father showed great appreciation to all who donated to help keep his son’s life back on track. “God bless them all”, he said.

The freed young man also thanked all his sympathizers and donators.

At age 27, it is never too late for him to stand up and fight to reach his goals.

Six Suspects Arrested So Far On The Murder Of The Late Mfantseman MP


Ekow Quansah Hayford, the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman was murdered on Friday, October 9. The late MP was returning from a campaign trip with his team when their vehicle was hijacked on the Mankessim-Assufosu highway.

Upon stopping of the vehicle, the armed robbers demanded that the late MP should identify himself. Upon identification, they asked for money from him.

Since the late Mr. Ekow had no money on him, he suggested that the robbers go with him to his house so that he can get them some money.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ekow got shot by the armed robbers, and lost his life at that very instant.

Furthermore, seven suspects have been remanded at the Accra Circuit Court 10, for having a hand in the late MP’s death.

Alhassan Abubakar nicknamed “Abu Fulani”, Naziru Fudailu nicknamed “SP”, Mahama Yahaya nicknamed “Mystical cloud”, Amadu Osmanu, Adam Alhassan, and Mohammed are the names of the suspects expected to have murdered the late Mfantseman MP.

As we speak, they are still in police custody. They have been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, thus robbery.
The suspects are to reappear in court on October 30, after assisting the police in investigations.

All this story was told by the prosecutor in charge of the case, while presenting these facts at the court.

The Alarming Situation Of Poor sanitation In Greater Accra Region.


The Greater Accra Region is known for its poor sanitation conditions. Mismanagement of solid waste contributes to this situation in the Region.

Majority of solid waste are dumped into open area, streams and even the sea. This results in flooding during heavy rainfalls since the solid waste gets chocked in gutters and paths of streams. Mr. Ishmeal Ashitey, the Greater Accra Regional Minister explains.

Resident’s poor attitude towards sanitation has made the problem more challenging, he continued.

Inadequate disposal sites for both liquid and solid waste, poor sanitation infrastructure, non-enforcement of sanitation by-laws by assemblies, all contributes to the poor sanitation conditions.

Poor sanitation which leads to a subsequent contaminated drinking water imposes many health hazards on persons which include; Cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, and typhoid.

Solid waste management remains a challenge in residents living with high density and low income.

However, another challenging issue of poor sanitation is the activities of the “Borla taxi drivers”. They will collect refuse from homes and dump them on motorways and within the community when no one is watching them. This destruct all efforts being put in place to keep the city clean.

Thereby, the assembly must register and monitor the activities of the “Borla taxis” to put an end to all these negative acts.

A waste recycling plant will be released by the Zoomlion in the Region to ease pressure on existing facilities. Also there is a tremendous increase of access to water supply in rural communities and small towns.

This is to improve on water-related sanitation and hygiene.

Let us intensify our efforts in dealing with unsanitary conditions to improve upon the health conditions of our people. Mr. Ashitey said all these while delivering a speech on the current state of Greater Accra Region at the first Regional Co-ordinating Council meeting.

The Gov’t Must Give Us Jobs And Not In Exchange For Our Freedom To Expression – A Plus


Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus, was a former highlife artiste. However he diverted his career into politics as time went on.

“When you have a job by government, you don’t have a voice”. A Plus said this following the termination of his contract.

“I was given a job by the government. Things were not going on right, so I decided to speak up. This resulted in the government taking his job away from me. I have to be extra angry”. A Plus accounted this on an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM.

The musician is known for the support he gave the New Patriotic Party during the 2016 general elections, in December 17. However his contract to supply fuel to other parts of the country has been terminated by the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation.

This he attributed to criticizing the government when things were going bad. “Anyone who dares to speak against the government will have their businesses collapsed, as it happened in my case”. He said.

Other people are also asserting that, the reason behind A Plus’ constant attack on the president is because he got left out in benefitting from the party, when they came into power.

A Plus reacted to this claim by condemning all who said that to be lunatic.

“The government must give us jobs and not in exchange for our rights to freedom of expression”. He added.

Student Looted of GH¢5,000 at Ahodwo


A male student has been looted of GH¢5,000 at Atinka Junction in Ahodwo in the Kumasi Metropolis of the Ashanti Region.

The episode, which happened in the early evening of Wednesday, 21 October 2020, follows the theft and shooting of a Chinese man near a similar spot inside the city.
The burglars were affirmed to have rushed with the cash on a motorbike.

Portraying the occurrence to OTECNEWS, the Mobile Money merchant, whose shop the casualty had visited to execute business before the theft happened, noticed that:

“Along these lines, we were here this evening, some time back, a person moved toward us; in view of what happened yesterday [shooting and ransacking of a Chinese man], we were unable to permit the individual to remain alongside us.

“Along these lines, we advised the individual to go far a piece. He said he was from the bank, Fidelity bank, and that he’s coming to pull back cash, along these lines, he was with a polybag. We didn’t have the foggiest idea what was in it, along these lines, he said he was trusting that someone will send the cash so he pulls back the cash from me.

Thus, he was there pausing, there was a motorbike rider that passed by him and went to turn round and took the cash and left.

As indicated by the person, the person said GH¢5,000.”
The furnished looters were supposed to be in green pants like armed force tones and were situated on a motorbike that traveled toward Kaase street.

The inhabitants of the territory have communicated frustration with the police as to the security circumstance in the region, particularly after Tuesday’s occurrence including the Chinese man.

“We’re frustrated with the police. After the episode, they were here, they simply surged here and we were begging them to either send a watch group or mount a police checkpoint. However, all they said was that they can’t come and mount a checkpoint as a result of us. We were frustrated.”

The Adiebeba police order has started examinations concerning the issue.
The occurrence including the Chinese man occurred at Ahodwo in the Kumasi Metropolis as the casualty went to buy recharge card from a seller.
The four exposed assailants rode on two motorbikes to perpetrate the wrongdoing.
Portraying the episode to Elisha Adarkwah, the card merchant clarified that he just understood the men were four and on two separate motorbikes after they shot the Chinese man and hurried off.

He stated: “I came at the beginning of today and opened my shop.
“I saw Chinese men, they stopped at the opposite side, along these lines, they went across the street to come and purchase Vodafone credit from me.”

“Thus, when they came, he disclosed to me that he’s purchasing GHS100, along these lines, I assumed the acknowledgment and I was going to offer it to him and he had this little pack under his armpit.”

“I saw a specific man at the back, he took the pack from the Chinese man’s armpit, when the Chinese went to take a gander at the individual who did that, the man shot him.”

A nephew of the person in question, nonetheless, showed that the pack, which the looters carried off, didn’t contain any cash aside from archives.
The casualty has since been taken to the medical clinic however is supposed to be in basic condition.

Emelia Brobbey Shocks Fans; Shakes Her Goodies On Fiifi Pratt In The Studio

Emelia Brobbey Shocks Fans; Shakes Her Goodies On Fiifi Pratt In The Studio

Kumawood actress cum musician Emelia Brobbey has done the unthinkable in a latest video sighted by Fillabase.com.

In the video located by Fillabase.com, the ‘Fa me ko’ hitmaker was seen shaking her backside on Kingdom Fm’s presenter, Fiifi Pratt in the studio.

Apparently, these acts are widely known to be seen from female celebrities like Wendy Shay of RuffTown Record, Efya, Sista Afia, Efia Odo, and many others.

Anyway, since she has joined the proper showbiz, there are some acts she needs to do in other to keep her fans happy.

Watch the video below…

Kumasi Zoo Shut Down For Rennovation Works


The Kumasi Zoological Gardens has been shut down to clear route for renovation works.

The Zoo, which is the main untamed life vacationer site in the Ashanti area, is situated in the focal business region of Kumasi and at present houses around 143 creatures comprised of 36 distinct species.

Dr Meyir Ziekah, Manager of the Zoo told the Ghana News Agency in a meeting in Kumasi that the redesign is to help supplant the powerless enclosures and dividers to forestall any calamity.

He rejected that the conclusion was because of the flare-up of the Covid and the ensuing limitations forced by the legislature.

Dr Ziekah clarified that the continuous restoration works are required to be finished in December 2020 for public visits.

He said the Zoo is filling its center need as a spot where vacationers get the occasion to see various types of creatures, and simultaneously, as an examination place for creature researchers.

“It is additionally filling in as a prtect shelter for creatures, as of now encountering annihilation in the nation’s backwoods holds,” he said

Dr Ziekah spoke to NGOs keen on the conservation of creatures to help uphold the endeavors of government to reposition the Kumasi Zoo as a significant vacationer site in the nation.


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