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Pretty Lady Gets Drunk, Swims In Mud & Disgraces Herself In Public -VIDEO

A trending video on social media captures a moment a pretty lady got drunk and disgraced herself swimming in mud in public.

The innocent soul who appeared not to be very good at drinking, took more than enough, leaving her so drunk.

After getting intoxicated, she could not find her way back home and so she was left on the floor.

Her state has brought her so much disgrace as many people gathered and took videos and photos of her poor body.

The videos have been trending on social media and now has also laid hands on it.

In the video, one could see that, she tried to gain her grounds and walk but she could not.

She made a few steps forward but ended up falling in and getting covered in mud.

Watch the video of the pretty lady who got drunk and disgraced herself below…

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