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Drama As Lady Cries Bitterly While Taking Injection – Video

Drama Continues as a video trending on social media captures a lady crying bitterly as she takes injection.

We are all aware that naturally so many people fear injection such that the mention of it alone scares them.

Clearly, this lady is one of such people who fear injection to the core and do not want to sight one at all.

Well, she was not so lucky as she had to take one injection and that is where the drama started.

She cried bitterly such that her mom had to hold her firmly before she could take it in peace.

In the hilarious video available to, the lady had to be dragged by one who appeared to be her mother.

Upon reaching the place where she had to receive the injection, the young queen who has a phobia for injections cried.


Watch the video as lady cries while taking injection

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