‘Smoking WEE Actually Cures Coronavirus’ – Kwesi Pratt Expresses Shock By New Study (WATCH)

Kwesi Pratt expressed how shocked he was as a new study that indicated that nicotine could prevent infection and serious illness from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kwesi Pratt

This was known after a recent study conducted in France indicated that nicotine is helpful in guarding against coronavirus, functioning as an anti-inflammatory agent that kills the virus.


Nicotine is a stimulant and alkaloid poison in tobacco used for smoking.

Kwesi Pratt in a recent submission stated that he was very astonished to find out smoking helps in both prevention and recovery against the current pandemic.


He said;

”It blew my mind. It blew my mind completely. When the disease started, we were told that if you smoke, the likelihood to contract the disease is very strong and your recovery is not as good as the non-smokers and so on…

Just last week, according to a French scientist’s research, they have discovered that nicotine is good against COVID-19 meaning smoking marijuana is helpful. So, how do you deal with this situation because the earlier protocol was that smokers should stop smoking, French scientists are on the other hand saying smoking helps because the nicotine is good.”

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