Kumchacha And Papa Shee Almost Throw Fist On Live Radio (Video)

Kumchacha and Papa Shee clashes on live radio and things got complicated as they almost throw fist.

The founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Kumchacha and evangelist Papa Shee are pastors in Ghana who are better known for their disputable statement about their colleague pastors.

The two prophets clashed that on Kingdom+ 101.9 FM. As stated by Kumchacha, Papa Shee is better in coloring his colleague pastors black.

Papa Shee on the other side stated defending his point that, pastors who mostly sells items in their churches is a consequential way of making money from their followers.

Such assertion by Papa Shee made Kumchacha threatened to slap him but was prevented by the team.

Watch the video below;

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