KK Fosu Turns Pastor After Several Years Disappointed Music Career

kk fosu

After several years of struggling to stay relevant, KK Fosu has declared his plans of becoming a pastor.

It is sad that the Highlife singer’s name is almost getting erased from the Ghanaian music scene.

The mention of his name sounds as if he never existed in the Highlife music scene.

KK Fosu has in recent times attempted several times to get a hit song and maintain his spot in the industry but all to no avail.

The frustrations from his inability to bring out a hit has caused him to look at being a Pastor.

In an interview, the singer revealed that he might come back as a man of God just like Ofori Amponsah and Papa Shee.

According to KK Fosu, every singer can be a man of God so people should not be surprised if he becomes one.

 “I believe every artist is a prophet and we are all doing God’s work”.

KK Fosu added that in 2007, he promised to drop a gospel song each year and has since achieved that.

“And right from then till now, I have done just that,”

“Don’t be surprised if you soon see me on a pulpit preaching to a congregation. It is going to happen very soon so people should take note.”

Well, for Fillabase.com, this is not surprising because we have seen musicians turn pastors when their careers die.

We hope he does not turn his back to God after a few monthsof being a man of God like Ofori Amponsah did.

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