Kitchen Stool Headmaster, Robert Quaye Nortey Seppey Funeral

Mr. Robert Quaye Nortey Seppey who is referred to by numerous Ghanaians as ‘Kitchen Stool headmaster‘ is set to go home tomorrow.

The headteacher got acclaimed after he was caught in a romp that became a web sensation years back slamming one of his female students on a kitchen stool.

In the video, the student was made to put her stoops on a Ghanaian kitchen stool while her hands were put on the exposed floor.

Robert was later excused by the Ghana Education Service (GES) after they located the video moving via online media.

Tragically on December 7, 2020, he kicked the container and up to this point, the real reason for death is yet to be known.

Posters of his memorial service has surfaced online which shows that he is set to be buried tomorrow at his old neighborhood Ada Wakumagbe.

Kitchen stool head master
Robert Quaye Nortey Seppey
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