Kevin Taylor Unmasks Supreme Court Judges; Reveals How It Is Protecting Jean Mensah From Being Cross-examined

American-based Ghanaian presenter, Kevin Ekow Taylor has blamed the Supreme Court for ensuring the EC chairperson, Jean Mensah from being cross-examined with bad-to-the-bone confirmations, so she isn’t implicated at the high court.

Kevin Taylor offered this expression on his program ‘With All Due Respect’ after the Supreme struck out some passage of the witness explanation of Joseph Mettle-Nunoo including section 5 which is a strong point as indicated by him.

As per Kevin Taylor, the section of the witness articulation which discusses the video recording in the solid room might have assisted the court with deciding if the solicitor’s observers were lying about their assertions or not. In this way, the court suppresses that section obviously shows that they would prefer not to know reality with regards to what really unfolded in the solid room.

“Why should the Supreme Court strike this out? That is why I’ve told you; the Supreme Court is supposed to make sure that material evidence that incriminates Jean Mensah is never allowed in the court. So, all the five they sanctioned the one they really wanted to stop was paragraph 5 because the paragraph was really going to end the case,” he stated.

He further revealed that from the pre-trial to this stage, the Supreme Court judges have one thing to do, and that is to protect Jean Mensah by not allowing any material shreds of evidence against her.

He also stated that we have one piece of evidence that nobody can lie about (videorecording), so, what is preventing the Supreme Court from bringing that evidence to the clear view of every citizen who voted to see? What is stopping the Supreme Court to say that; we cannot this move?

He concluded by saying that, the Supreme Court knows very well that, if they allow Jean Mensah to scrutinize with material evidence such as videos and official EC documents, they cannot rule in favor of Akufo Addo.

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