Ken Agyapong’s Case: Justice Wuni Made It ‘Individual’ And Submitted ‘Conscious Mistakes

Kennedy Agyapong

Renowned Lawyer Kwame Gyan, counsel for Hon. Kennedy Agyapong on account of scorn recorded against the MP, says the Judge, His Lordship Justice Wuni who was directing the issue made it “individual”.

The Supreme Court Wednesday [October 14, 2020] maintained to some extent an application for disallowance recorded by legal counselors for the MP. The Apex court maintained the request by Justice Wuni for Mr Agyapong to show up under the steady gaze of the High Court to respond in due order regarding disdain, however disallowed him from directing the case and furthermore subdued all the procedures that had been held before Justice Wuni.

“The issue ought to be sent back to the Registrar of the High Court for the Registrar to put it under the watchful eye of the High Court diversely comprised,” the Supreme court held. As per the court, it will give its full purpose behind the choice on October 20, this year The five-part board of the court was managed by Justice Paul Baffoe-Bonnie, with Justices Yaw Appau, Gabriel Pwamang, Issifu Omoro Tanko Amadu and Yonny Kulendi. Direction for the troubled MP, who likewise serves as a law instructor, held the view that Justice Wuni was attempting each potential way to simply rebuff his customer without due respect to methods administering the treatment of scorn cases.

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Talking on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia Morning Show, Lawyer Kwame Gyan blamed the High Court Judge for purposely submitting blunders during the preliminary with the aim of rebuffing his customer. “At the point when I understood that the Judge was submitting these infractions, I got frightened and suspicious….

these plenty of infractions were plainly purposeful and grave which not checked may prompt a crime of justice….so I attempted to persuade him in the court however he wouldn’t move thus the legitimate group chose to look for the intercession of the Supreme Court to stop the Judge… ”

At the point when we educated the preliminary Judge of our choice, he said he will even now proceed with the case whether we have gone to the Supreme Court to stop him or not,” he declared.

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He clarified that the Supreme Court has administrative controls over each arbitrating body including cases directed by the National House of Chiefs in the event that it gets an application that proposes that there is a conscious blunder in the procedures of any case. As indicated by him, per the decision of the court, Mr Agyapong is as yet being investigated for disdain over his supposed remarks which scandalized the court and brought its name into unsavoriness.

The Registrar at the High Court has been approached to discover one more Judge at the High Court to direct the argument against Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

“We are trusting that the High Court Registrar will call us and disclose to us the court and the Judge who has been relegated to direct the case and as honest legal advisors, we will respect the greeting of the Registrar,” he expressed.