Kanye West Officially Names His Running Mate

Kanye West officially added his running mate to his fight to be placed on ballots this fall.

As per reports, Kanye has filed documents to be put on the polling form in Arkansas. Alongside himself, West included his recently confirmed vice presidential running mate Michelle Tidball to the petition. This makes Tidball West’s authentic Vice President candidate after mentioning that Tidball will be his running mate in July.

For people who are confused about West’s connection to Tidball—or who she is at all, Tidball is a 57-year-old white woman that Kanye met in Cody, Wyoming. She runs an online Bible study, works in a dental office, and is a self-described “biblical life coach.” Along with charging $65 for a 50-minute one-on-one session, Tidball believes that she has Jesus on the mainline.

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A scholar of religious studies at the University of Wyoming and Tidball’s former colleague, Mary L. Keller, told The New Yorker that Tidball considered herself an “online prophet.”

“We went out for drinks, and she told me about this international group of people who are in touch with the divine and discuss it with each other,” Keller said before stating that Tidball predicted that Trump would win the election. “To her, his election was evidence.”

The pair of West and Tidball may seem odd to some, but Keller believes that they are actually a match made in heaven.

“It made sense. They both believe they have direct access to God and read the world as evidence of that access,” Keller said. “The religious imagination is about the only thing that can provide language for drought, flood, fire. … I see Kanye and Michelle as the kinds of voices that people might turn to for a meaningful story in the face of climate change.”

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