Why Will I Accept A Shoeshine? – Juliet Ibrahim Fires Mzvee for Saying She’s Stopped Being Picky in Relationships


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Actress Juliet Ibrahim has hit out Mzvee after the singer said women should be less choosy when it comes to men.

Mzvee said she has now stopped being picky because she’s realized men are not all perfect.

I’ve stopped being picky. I didn’t know I was but then I now know I was. Like you have to check all the boxes but that can’t happen, nobody is perfect,” she told Joy Fm.

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Reacting to that, Juliet Ibrahim said ladies have to be picky.

Ladies should be able to have standards. If you have a standard you have to be picky. It is not everybody that will walk up to me and I will accept it,” she said on TV3 Saturday.

Juliet added that why should she accept a ‘shoeshine’ just because she will say she’s not being picky? No! The person has to be on her level.


For me, intelligence is important, I should be able to have a conversation with you. I cannot be talking about what is happening in America or Covid-19 and you are talking about shoeshine or something else. The level of IQ has to be on the same level,”

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Juliet added: Every woman needs to have a list so with what MzVee said, “I will say that she will need to still have a standard and be picky,”

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