Joyce Blessing’s Previous Marketing Specialist Jullie Jay Answers Her Condemnations With Heavier Condemnations


The previous marketing expert of grant winning Ghanaian gospel performer Joyce Blessing, Julie Jay has at long last answered to the condemnations that was sent her direction yesterday by means of an audiotape.

It will be reviewed that yesterday, conveyed a report that Joyce Blessing took to the Bible and cursed Julie Jay for purportedly subverting her different web-based media accounts, particularly Youtube notwithstanding paying all her dimes she probably owed her.

In that viral audiotape, we gave an account of, the vocalist nicknamed ‘The Unbreakable’ down-poured generational reviles on Julie saying that:

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“Your life will be careless, Everything you contact will wind up wrecked and you will carry on with a pointless life”

All things considered, in her own response, Julie Jay has additionally in an exceptionally unobtrusive manner reviled with a book of scriptures citation on Facebook.

She took to her Facebook wall to compose the Bible citation Psalm 109 which peruses: “for mischievous and misleading men have opened their mouths against me;

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they have opposed me with lying tongues. … Appoint a detestable man to restrict him; let an informer remain at his correct hand.

At the point when he is attempted, left him alone saw as liable, and may his petitions censure him… ” and more to answer to her previous chief.

It is pretty evident that whatever break that lies between these two previous work partners isn’t shutting at any point in the near future.