Top Journalist Insults Keche Andrew’s Wife, Joana Gyan For Claiming She Is Worth $700 Million

A2zgh.com yesterday in our daily updates reported on the net worth of Joana Gyan the wife of Keche Andrew.

According to the businesswoman, before every year closes in recent times, she usually has not less than a whopping $700,000,000 in her bank accounts.

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Well, many netizens since she unveiled this huge secrete have been talking about it as many do not believe as others think the other wise.

Joana Gyan Biography, Businesses Net Worth
Joana Gyan Biography, Businesses Net Worth

The latest to join the train is a journalist and communication practitioner, Kwame Gyan formerly of E.TV Ghana.

According to Kwame Gyan, Joana Gyan doesn’t know how to calculate the American dollar and she was just naming any amount she feels like attaining in the near future.

Taking to her Facebook page, he wrote;

“Villager. Do you know what $700M is? In fact, do you know what $70K mpo is? Siasem”.

Anyway, even though the amount she states is quite huge, it is not too much of a surprise because aside from her Golden Empire Legacy Ltd, Joana Gyan owns the business below.

Joana Gyan Businesses

* GEM multimedia Ghana ltd* Colossus Minerals Ltd
* Joana TV Ltd
* GEM Rhythms Ltd
* The GEM Ltd pub
* KESSE music Ltd
* GELL Golden page Ltd
* GELL Farms Ltd
* GELL Petroleum Ltd
* GELL Real Estate Ltd
* KBA Mining Ltd
* Joana Gyan Foundation
* GELL Timber Ltd
* ZEMA Ghana Jewelry and Fashion School, Ltd
* Royalsekt Ghana Limited

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