Joana Gyan Keche Andrew’s Wife Reveals Her Net Worth

Joana Gyan, wife of Keche Andrew has revealed her net worth as she lists businesses she manages.

Recall that Keche Andrew made headlines before his marriage with Joana Gyan with claims that Keche is an opportunist just because he saw Joana be a freaky rich woman hence ditched his baby mama for her.

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Until today, there wasn’t any actual proof to authenticate these speculations, the net worth of the Joana Gyan, the CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Limited.

Keche Andrews' wife

In a yet to be aired interview with Delay on her popular ‘Delay Show’ the question about her net worth came up.

Even though she stated that things were not the best in the initial stages she stated her various businesses, they are entirely different now.

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According to the businesswoman, before every year closes in recent times, she usually has not less than a whopping $700,000,000 in her bank accounts.

Anyway, even though the amount she states is quite huge, it is not too much of a surprise because aside from her Golden Empire Legacy Ltd, Joana Gyan owns the business below.

Joana Gyan Businesses

* GEM multimedia Ghana ltd* Colossus Minerals Ltd
* Joana TV Ltd
* GEM Rhythms Ltd
* The GEM Ltd pub
* KESSE music Ltd
* GELL Golden page Ltd
* GELL Farms Ltd
* GELL Petroleum Ltd
* GELL Real Estate Ltd
* KBA Mining Ltd
* Joana Gyan Foundation
* GELL Timber Ltd
* ZEMA Ghana Jewelry and Fashion School, Ltd
* Royalsekt Ghana Limited

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