Funny Video Of How Jackie Appiah Messed Up Her Ex Boyfriend’s Life For Calling Her At Night [WATCH]

Jackie Appiah, a Celebrated Ghanaian actress has got social media users laughing with one of her funny videos.

This time, Jackie Appiah shared a video showing how she savagely treated her ex-boyfriend for calling her at night.

According to the boyfriend, he called because he could not sleep and Jackie did not make it easy for him either.

The funny video appears to be as if Jackie Appiah was far asleep and probably ‘snoring’ when her ex-boyfriend called to disturb her sleep.

jackie appiah

The beautiful actress had no idea it was her ex that had called but later upon picking the call realized it was the ex-boyfriend.

Once she picked up the phone, the guy claimed he couldn’t sleep and that he was thinking about her, the reason he has called.

Strangely, the actress and entrepreneur asked if there was a bible around where was and told him to open to Isaiah 48:22.

The text in that portion of the bible reads; ‘There is no peace for the wicked says the lord.’

Funny as it was, the ex-boyfriend read the bible verse to Jackie and she asked him to go back to sleep which saw the guy screaming Jackie’s name.

She ignored him and hanged up the call in the funny video she posted on her official  Instagram page.

Watch the video of Jackie Appiah below


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