Islamic Preacher Says Biggest Crime Human Commit Is Telling People There’s A Better Place Than Earth (Video)

An Islamic preacher has voiced out that the biggest crime humans commit is telling others there is a better place than earth.

According to him, humans doesn’t know where they come from therefore one can’t say he/she is from heaven so will go back after earth.

He then said what is stopping them from going today since they think it is a better place than here.

He said; “Do you know where you come from and where you’re going, You don’t know, so you can’t bullshit yourself l came from heaven and l’m going back to heaven. If you are so sure that you are going to heaven why don’t you go today. If you know you are going to a better place than here, why don’t you go?”

“This is the greatest crime upon humanity, that we told people there is a better place than this. This is a crime. Because this is not allowing humans to live their life to the fullest because they think the real life is elsewhere. Do you have any proof we are not already in heaven and making a mess out of it?” He added.

Watch the video below;

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