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Is Life Really Worth It?


This is a random question that has been asked over and over. Life can be defined in several ways. You know that feeling when it feels like all hope is lost and there is nothing you can do.

You have to know life is really worth living. Human beings are created in such a way that our minds and heart always try to tell us what to do and what is not worth it.

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You have to know you do have the will power to decide what is worth it and what is not. You must find a reason to live and when you do you must live it fully.

You must come to understand the fact that we were created perfectly by our deity.  Your reason to live can either be a dream or a vision towards the future.

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When you are able to discover this dream or vision of yours, your potentials in life will be revealed and your capabilities and abilities will be made known.

You will be surprised at what you can do in life. This opens your eyes to understand what life has to offer you and why you have to live for all it offers.

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